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10 Fun Chocolate Facts to Take the Sting out of the End of Summer!

10 Fun Chocolate Facts to Take the Sting out of the End of Summer!

With Labour Day, and – sigh! – summer behind us, we thought we'd have a little fun on the blog today!

To get us started, here's our favourite unofficial fun chocolate fact #1: It's downright delicious!

Moving on, take a read of our first instalment of facts about chocolate that are not only fun but gives us all the more reason to enjoy (Wild Mountain!) chocolate! #bean2bar

1. Chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on the mouth and protects against tooth decay.

2. In 2013, Belgium issued a limited edition collection of chocolate flavoured stamps with a delicious chocolate aroma to match. More than 500,000 stamps were printed on special paper with a cocoa-scented varnish and glue that tasted and smelled just like chocolate when licked.

3. There is a correlation between the amount of chocolate a country consumes on average and the number of Nobel Laureates that country has produced.

4. Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third.

5. Chocolate magnate Milton Hershey cancelled his reservations on theTitanic due to last minute business matters.

6.Chocolate has over 600 flavour compounds, red wine has only 200.

7. It takes approximately 400 cacao beans to make one pound (450 grams) of chocolate.

 8. Simply the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, triggering relaxation.

9. The largest chocolate bar ever weighed just over 12,770 pounds!

10. In other interesting academic chocolate facts: another 2013 study found that the scent of chocolate in a bookstore made customers 40% more likely to buy cookbooks or romance novels, and 22% more likely to buy books of any genre.