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Pioneering Chocolate

Mountain loving. Chocolate loving. Good People. We're driven to bring you the best tasting chocolate, ethically sourced. We roast in small batches to ensure quality.

We're Wild Mountain Chocolate!

Small Batch Bean to Bar Chocolate Created in Canada

What's New

Wild Mountain Chocolate goes to Ecuador

Wild Mountain Chocolate goes to Ecuador

We took a trip to Ecuador this fall to visit farms, and select a supplier for our beans. The group was organized by FCIA, the Fine Chocolate Indust...
Let’s Talk Chocolate - Featuring Clay Gordon

Let’s Talk Chocolate - Featuring Clay Gordon

Clay Gordon has travelled to Invermere all the way from West Chester County, New York to meet our head chocolate maker Glen Davies, and share his wealth of passion and knowledge. The two spent the entire week experimenting with chocolate, talking shop and planning for a great future.



Authentic beans, for an authentic bar

The best chocolate tells a story -  from our distinct beans sourced from around the world right to our front door, where  chocolate maker Glen Davies crafts each bar - a process that takes a whole lot of expertise, and sprinkling of flair.


In the spirit of the Rocky Mountains

Everything we do is inspired by the majestic mountains surrounding Wild Mountain Chocolate. We infuse this original pioneering spirit into each of our bars as we forge new ground in chocolate making - go ahead, get wild!


The Wild Mountain Guarantee

Quality is something you can taste. At Wild Mountain Chocolate we’ve taken great care in selecting and importing only the best raw cacao beans, which deserve the industry's most state-of-the-art roasters and refining equipment.

Sustainable Practices

Here at Wild Mountain we're committed to quality and ensuring all of our beans are ethically sourced. Rest assured all of our ingredients are 100% certified organic, and we are committed to supporting organic practices in all that we do.