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Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, Quality = Wild Mountain Chocolate!

Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, Quality = Wild Mountain Chocolate!

Making the best quality chocolate is, quite obviously, the foundational tenet of our business. 

Creating a delicious bar each and every time is what drives us. It fires us up in the morning and inspires Glen to spend the seemingly endless hours on the road with his carpetbag of sweets, successfully indoctrinating the masses in the wonders of Wild Mountain Chocolate.

There are several ways we consistently achieve such quality, but in doing so, it's a vital component in our mission that we're building a successful business in such a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable.

How do we do that? How do we strive for success, producing a consistently excellent product, while also keeping as close an eye on sustainable practices as we can?

It begins, of course, with the bean. We are committed to sourcing the best quality cocoa beans. We ensure that, even if the farmers haven't been able to adequately fulfill the cost prohibitive organic certification process, our product is always made with organic ingredients.

Our processes have been meticulously mastered, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of the best in the business, to ensure consistent excellence in the chocolate we make.  

With each new batch to be wrapped, we strive to continue to evolve our practices to make sure we provide superior quality to our growing legion of Wild Mountain Chocolate fans and keep them coming back for more!

At every opportunity, we pursue the most environmentally sustainable means to bring our chocolate to market. 

From the development of the building to the development of our chocolate, we have made environmental and health-conscious choices a priority since day one.

All of our paints, walls, and floors, for instance, are low VOC, latex, and water-based. Wild Mountain Chocolate has chosen highly efficient heat pumps for heating and cooling. We use an HRV system to transfer air in and out of the building, with a focus on maintaining good air quality while conserving energy.

In that vein, the building is exceptionally insulated, with extra thick exterior walls that along with the concrete floors, helps to maintain the necessary cool temps even during the height of our hot Valley summers.

Conversely, our refining equipment, which requires warmth to properly process our chocolate, sits in a dedicated hot room which helps the machinery do the work more readily and far more efficiently.

All of our equipment has Variable Speed Drives installed to increase their energy efficiency. We also chose to opt for low power LED lighting throughout the facility for better energy savings.

Without giving away any secrets, our roaster, too, has been retrofitted to ensure the least possible energy impact without compromising the high level of production required to produce Wild Mountain Chocolate.

Each bar is wrapped in 100% post-consumer waste is 100% recyclable, and is deemed Ancient Forest Friendly for our ecologically minded approach – it's right there on the package!

Our bright and colourful foils are also 100% recyclable as our case packs while also being made from 100% recycled paper product.

Wild Mountain also makes every effort to work with our distributors to take back packaging – case packs and packing boxes – so they're reused... over and over again. Likewise, with plastic tubs and containers, we try to take every opportunity to simply wash and use over again.

We know we're not perfect. And, 100% environmental sustainability is a big challenge and tall order for any business. But, we are always on the hunt for ways to improve and minimize as best we can the environmental impact of Wild Mountain Chocolate.

We so appreciate your support as we grow our business. We also realize that our success takes into account the whole package: providing a superior quality product while doing our very best to look for environmentally friendly alternatives. Making Wild Mountain Chocolate not only the best chocolate while holding ethically and environmentally minded practices top of mind.