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New Product Launch: Caffe Mocha Bar!

New Product Launch: Caffe Mocha Bar!

If you were at the most recent Invermere Farmer's Market chances are you've already seen – or tasted!! – this delectable new introduction to our roster of incredible bean to bar delights!

Wild Mountain bean to bar Cafe Mocha chocolate bars.

This is bound to be a fave:  Caffe Mocha!  

Incredible fresh brewed coffee flavour in our popular usual delicious bean to bar craft chocolate.  We've combined the robust pop of local organic coffee beans with the distinctive richness that defines all of Wild Mountain's dark chocolate. 

Stone ground with the cocoa beans right in the melanger, the fresh, organic coffee beans go from raw bean to ground coffee along with the cocoa within eight hours.  This way, no off-gassing and loss of flavour, offering up all the flavour of a fresh-brewed cup of coffee captured in our delicious chocolate!  

Also... check out our new look!  

Made with care from from the choice of bean to the quality of ingredients to hand-wrapping, as with the rest of the Wild Mountain line of product, this new addition is already a hit!

Great for a punchy mid-afternoon pick-me-up... but better not eat it before bed! ;)

Find the Wild Mountain Caffe Mocha bars at the Invermere Farmer's Market and soon to be available for purchase from our online catalog as well as at the quality retailers carrying our product.

Just a head's up:  there's more incredible flavours on the way!  Keep an eye open for our new Salted Caffe Mocha.... can't wait!!