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Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

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We've got your nibs right here - from our three staple origins: Ecuador, Madagascar, and Peru.

Nibs are simply crushed cacao bean - after it's been roasted right here in our shop. Hailed as a superfood, nibs are wonderfully chocolatey, but aren't too sweet. If you want to get to know our beans, nibs truly are the best way.

Ecuador – Solid Deep Cocoa flavour with light notes of Nut and as they say in Ecuador “Arriba” which is the unique flavour of the native Ecuador National variety of Cacao.

Madagascar – This fruity award winning Bean from the Akkessons plantation in Northern Madagascar brings the varieties’ famous flavours of Cherry, Raisin and Red Fruits with a strong bright citrus finish.

Peru – Complex flavour with mild acidity, Tobacco, Red Fruits and soft citrus notes in this Organic Cacao from the Amazon region of Peru.


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Bean Nibs