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Our Ingredients

"Free From"

Our chocolate is made from cocoa beans, natural cocoa butter (which is pressed cocoa bean) and organic evaporated cane juice.

  • Just cocoa beans and cane sugar!
  • No lecithin, an unnecessary processing aid added to save money.
  • No vanilla needed to round out the flavour of less than perfect ingredients and definitely
  • No vegetable fats to reduce costs.

We take care sourcing all our ingredients, not just our cocoa beans. All ingredients are certified organic, or natural where suitable organic ingredients are not available. We also develop our products mindful of major allergens. All our products are "Free From" ie we do not use the major allergens as ingredients.

Whole Foods & Minimal Processing

Dark Chocolate with Chai Spice  We seek out whole food or minimally processed ingredients for our flavours wherever possible such as whole organic fairtrade coffee beans, a mix of whole spices for chai chocolate.
Our value around minimizing the processing involved in food means we have made a conscious choice not to use sugar alternatives. Stevia, Monkfruit and even coconut based sugar alternatives require more processing than evaportated cane sugar.  We believe in reducing sugar consumption by eating great chocolate where you are satisfied having just a square or two. We make chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa if you are chosing to eat less sugar and for folks who want to avoid sugar completely, our Peru 100% and Darkest Mint are both amazing.