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Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

Cacao Nibs

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We've got your cacai nibs right here - from our three staple origins: Ecuador, Madagascar, and Peru.

Nibs are simply crushed cacao bean - after it's been roasted right here in our factory in the Rocky Mountains. Hailed as a superfood, nibs are wonderfully chocolatey, but aren't too sweet. If you want to get to know our beans, nibs truly are the best way.

Use as a healthy replacement for chocolate chips. They add a crunch instead of melting. Use in trail mix, granola bars or salads to give crunch and texture; or in your morning smoothie to give a healthy chocolate flavor. Use in recipes as an alternative to nuts.  There are almost endless uses for cocoa nibs.  You can even make chocolate liqueur with them and then add them to your baking!

Ecuador – Solid Deep Cocoa flavor with light notes of Nut and citrus and as they say in Ecuador “Arriba” which is the unique flavor of the native Ecuador Nacional variety of Cacao.

Madagascar – This fruity award winning Bean from the Akkessons plantation in Northern Madagascar brings the varieties’ famous flavors of Cherry, Raisin and Red Fruits with a strong bright citrus finish.

PeruComplex flavor with mild acidity, Tobacco, Raisin and soft citrus notes in this Organic Cacao from the Amazon region of Peru.

These delicious Wild Mountain Chocolate products are certified organic by PACS 16-931.


Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Bean Nibs